Multiply Project(funded by Lincolnshire County Council and Department for Education)

Time: 2023-07-10 21:13:50

Multiply is a new government-funded programme to help adults improve their numeracy skills.

Through Multiply, we want to boost people’s confidence and ability to use maths and numbers effectively in daily life, both at  home and work. All adults who need to improve their numeracy (up to and including level 2 or equivalent) will be able to access flexible courses and initiatives that fit around their lives. 

We are one of the Multiply providers selected by LCC (Lincolnshire County Council). We provide flexible courses for parents wanting to increase their numeracy skills in order to help their children, and help with their own progression.

Through our interactive courses, parents will improve their numeracy skills, in particular, problem-solving and maths communication skills, and discover  the beautiful and creative side of Maths.

Please contact our team members and partner schools for details.

Why take part in Multiply Project?

  • It is a free and flexible course
  • It will benefit you and your children
  • It will take place at your child’s school and your child can attend the after-school club while you are attending the courses 
  • We will do our best   to take away all the hurdles so that you can enjoy the beautiful and creative side of Maths.