Discussing the feelings and experiences of collaborating with Curiosity Global Education (formerly ST UK Education) over the past two years

Time: 2023-07-29 11:04:18

I don’t consider myself a very ambitious parent and I have always believed that my child's mental and physical well-being is the most important. My son struggled to adapt to the highly competitive education system in China during the first two years of secondary school. Dealing with the challenges of adolescence and academic pressure was tough. Thankfully, he managed to enter an international school in Year 9.

In July 2021, a good friend introduced us to Curiosity Global Education (formerly ST UK Education). Their assistance helped my friend's child successfully enter Manchester University, where he is getting the top grades. At that time, my son had studied in the international school for a year, but both my child and I were uncertain about his future career and direction. He was studying the IGCSE, but his grades were not satisfactory, with many C and D grades.

Meeting the Curiosity GE Team was truly fortunate for us, and it's not an exaggeration to say that they significantly changed my child's life, giving him a broader perspective on life and learning.

Dr. Tao from Curiosity GE is a professional and patient mentor. She regularly discusses Tim’s academic progress with him, identifies his strengths, and together, they create short-term and long-term plans. Their focus is on encouragement, and my child is more than willing to communicate with her. At the same time, she shares the discussions with parents, and I also regularly provide my child's school reports to Dr Tao, keeping information in sync.

To address the issue of poor academic performance, Curiosity GE has a highly qualified faculty, including lecturers from British universities, official IELTS examiners for specialised teaching, and assistance from students who have studied in the UK, which helps reduce tutoring costs. After lessons, teachers share the child's performance and evaluations with parents.

When applying to universities and writing personal statements, my child took the lead, but with numerous communications and guidance from the mentor, Tim revised it more than a dozen times. Each time, the Curiosity GE mentor provided insightful suggestions, and my child kept modifying it, a process that proved essential for his growth. During this period, I noticed a significant improvement in his abilities. Through 2 years of our joint efforts, by 2023, his IELTS score increased from 5.5 to 7.0, and he received conditional offers from The University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, and University of Leeds.

Looking back at the journey, I witnessed my child transition from confusion to understanding life with a clear direction. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the professional assistance of the Curiosity GE team. When choosing Curiosity GE, I never imagined which university he could get into. For me, having him study in a top 100 world-ranked university would already be considered fortunate. Once the general direction was set, it was indeed necessary to have a professional team provide the right guidance at the right time, not only academically but also in terms of mindset. This is what parents should carefully seek in a consultancy. Of course, it doesn't mean handing over everything to the consultancy; we are still vigilant parents, being bold yet meticulous, continuously adjusting and respecting each other. The rest, we leave to time. One day, our children will all emerge from their cocoons as butterflies!

Tim's mum

29 July 2023