A Level student’s testimonials for our tuition in maths

Time: 2019-08-20 05:51:50

I have been attending Dr. Charlie’s maths class for a while. When teaching, Dr. Charlie always teaches with great care and passion – every time he prepares lessons in advance, finds quality teaching materials, such as proper past exam papers, and makes personalised teaching plans based on the ongoing progress of the student. During the class he makes notes on the type of questions that I have problems with so that he can make further teaching plans based on them.

In addition, after classes, Charlie will do his best to help us correct and explain the problems that I encountered. Considering my own personality, I would like to talk a bit more about Dr. Charlie’s teaching method. I am an A level student studying art and business. I am not prone  to mathematical thinking. Charlie is very patient with his teaching; he always sums up some tips and his experiences which have helped me a lot in solving maths problems. The result of my A level maths exams is at least two grades higher than my predicted result before I took Charlie’s tutorials. So I am very grateful to Dr. Charlie!

20 August 2019, Julie Z, A Level student in Lincoln, UK