What Our Customers Say:

Discussing the feelings and experiences of collaborating with Curiosity Global Education (formerly ST UK Education) over the past two years

I don’t consider myself a very ambitious parent and I have always believed that my child's mental and physical well-being is the most important. My son struggled to adapt to the highly competitive education system in China during the first two years of secondary school. Dealing with the challenges of adolescence and academic pressure was tough. Thankfully, he managed to enter an international school in Year 9.
Testimonials 2023-07-29

My name is Nancy, and my son Evan started his online courses with ST UK Education in 2021.

Evan has successfully passed the entrance exams for top British prep schools such as Summer Fields, Pilgrims, and Horris Hill. With the continuous assistance, careful guidance and support from her team, Evan quickly adapted to boarding school life and within two months he had successfully passed the first round tests for Harrow and Tonbridge. Through ST UK Education's meticulous cultivation and companionship, Evan is growing into a more independent, confident, determined, optimistic, and actively compassionate child. He is eager to share and possesses excellent teamwork skills. As parents, we are full of gratitude towards Sophia and her team of teachers, and we have great confidence in Evan's future development. February 2023, Mrs Hu, Fujian, China
Testimonials 2023-02-22

Three years ago, by chance, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Tao and her husband, Dr. Shi. At that time, my son was applying for a British private school.

As a result, we successfully helped our son choose a school that was very suitable for him, and he is currently having a great experience there. Of course, this would not have been possible without Dr. Shi’s personalised tutoring in specific subjects, which sparked a strong interest in mathematics in our child. In fact, in the subsequent university selection process, our child even chose mathematics as one of his advanced courses. Dr. Tao is an excellent team member and without her invaluable help we would not be able to achieve what we have achieved. Not only did she open doors for our child, but she also deepened our parents' reflection on educational philosophy and brought us many benefits. February 2023, Mrs Feng, Beijing, China
Testimonials 2023-02-20

Parent’s testimonials for our 11+ non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning and maths tutorials

I would like to say a big thank you for Dr. Charlie’s help and assistance in guiding our daughter through her 11 plus exam in September. It has been a pleasure in working with you and won’t hesitate in recommending you.
Testimonials 2020-11-13

A Level student’s testimonials for our tuition in maths

I have been attending Dr. Charlie’s maths class for a while. When teaching, Dr. Charlie always teaches with great care and passion – every time he prepares lessons in advance, finds quality teaching materials, such as proper past exam papers, and makes personalised teaching plans based on the ongoing progress of the student. During the class he makes notes on the type of questions that I have problems with so that he can make further teaching plans based on them.
Testimonials 2019-08-20