Highly Experienced Team Of Teachers

  • Co-founder
    PhD in Management (UK, awarded full scholarship), MSc in Management and Business Research Methods (U...
  • Marketing & Management, Educational Consultant
    PhD in Marketing and Strategy (UK, awarded full scholarship), MSc in Marketing (UK), BA in Business ...
  • English Lecturer, Consultant/Examiner
    BA English Literature and Language (Greece), MA Applied Linguistics (Greece), DELTA (UK), Cambridge ...
  • Co-founder & Senior Maths Tutor
    PhD (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, funded by German Natural Science projects), MSc in Nume...
  • Economics & Business, Educational Consultant
    BSc Economics (LSE) , PGCE, AQA, OCR, IB Examiner (Economics)
  • Science & Math, Educational Consultant
    BA (Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge), MA (Natural Sciences; Psychology, University of Camb...
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    About Us
    "Curiosity and creativity" are the skills that will meet the challenges of the future. 
            Established in 2014 by a team of academics who hold PhD degrees in Maths, management, and marketing, we aim to help ambitious international students benefit most from the British and global education and become responsible global citizens who will thrive in society.
            Over the past eight years, we have remained  focused on our core values of ‘integrity, professionalism, and trustworthiness’....
    Dr. Sophia Tao, Founder


    • Thank you very much to Dr Sophia and Dr Charlie for their dedicated mentorship of Evan over the past two years. He has finally achieved success and received an offer from his ideal school
    • I don’t consider myself a very ambitious parent and I have always believed that my child's mental and physical well-being is the most important. My son struggled to adapt to the highly competitive education system in China during the first two years of secondary school. Dealing with the challenges of adolescence and academic pressure was tough. Thankfully, he managed to enter an international school in Year 9.
    • Evan has successfully passed the entrance exams for top British prep schools such as Summer Fields, Pilgrims, and Horris Hill. With the continuous assistance, careful guidance and support from her team, Evan quickly adapted to boarding school life and within two months he had successfully passed the first round tests for Harrow and Tonbridge. Through ST UK Education's meticulous cultivation and companionship, Evan is growing into a more independent, confident, determined, optimistic, and actively compassionate child. He is eager to share and possesses excellent teamwork skills. As parents, we are full of gratitude towards Sophia and her team ...
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