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    We started personalised tuition in  2013, firstly as a sole trader to the undergraduates at the University of Lincoln, focusing on critical thinking skills and English academic writing skills.
    • Highly experienced teachers who love their subject and put great 
    • efforts into  sparking students’ interest in the subject.  
    Now we specialise in 1:1 and tailored small group academic tuition at all education levels. Our aim is to provide the best personalised education to complement school or university education. We carefully select highly experienced teachers who love their subject and share the same educational passion with us, which is to keep our students’ curiosity and promote their thinking skills.

    - Highly experienced team of teachers from the UK

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    • Personalised teaching integrated with mentorship and support for the holistic development of students.
    Dr. Sophia Tao

    Provide the best 
    personalised education